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Mark Miller

"Can't speak highly enough of Cody and his crew. When my original supplier for my bar top fell through Curly Mayhem came to my rescue. They finished my project to an extremely high standard. They worked all hours to make sure we got the product we wanted. Would definitely recommend"

The Shop


Log Pick Up
If you have a tree coming down, Curly Mayhem can schedule a pick up to help salvage the log.

We take care of both local and out of state delivery. Contact us today to discuss options.

We can provide professional installation services for your one of a kind custom vanity, table, or bar top. 

Wooden Event Interior
Walnut Cut Logs.png

$100 minimum
$0.75 per board foot

Kiln Drying Lumber

Speed up the drying process from years, down to weeks in one of our Nyle kilns.

Drying time: 8 - 10 weeks


Wood-Mizer LT40
Sawing: $150 1st hour 
$125 per hour
Metal Damage: $50 per blade

Lucas Mill DSM 23 (20' x 73")
Minimum: $250
Sawing: $185 per hour
Metal Damage: $150 per chain


Your logs, your lumber. With our two mills we can turn your logs into slabs or dimensional lumber.

20' long x 76" wide


Slab Surfacing up to 80'' wide 


Thickness Planer up to 24'' wide

$50 minimum $100/hr​

Dual Drum Sander up to 50" wide 

$50 minimum $100/hr

Millwork &

Collaborate with us on the perfect piece of furniture for your home or office. Your vision, our process.

Live Edge Wood.jpg

Live Edge & Dimensional

We offer both live edge and dimensional lumber. Purchase one of our domestic pieces or make it truly different with a slab of exotic wood from Costa Rica.


Located in Dryden, MI. Just one hour north of Detroit, MI. Curly Mayhem was established in 2019 and we are constantly expanding. We are small scale custom millworks shop offering custom trim, CNC services, live edge slabs, dimensional lumber and kiln drying services and sawmill services. If you are looking to turn your tree into quality lumber, then Curly Mayhem is the shop you are looking for . 


Curl Mayhem Cody.jpg


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