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Log Pick Up - If you have a tree coming down, Curly Mayhem can schedule a pick up to help salvage your log

Sawmill - Your logs, your lumber, dimensional or slab wood, milled with our Wood-Mizer or Lucas Mill DSM 23.

Capable of milling logs: 20' long x 76'' wide

Kiln Drying - Speed up the drying process from years down to weeks in one of our four Nyle L200 kilns. 

Drying Time: 8 weeks - 10 weeks 

Millwork & Design - Weather you want your lumber surfaced and sanded so you can add your own finishing touch or you want to collaborate on a custom design, we'll provide renderings to bring your vision to life 

CNC & Laser Engraving - Craftsman 510 CNC gives us a 5' x 10' working area and VCarve Pro brings precision to every project. Our project or yours design, branding, cabinetry made efficiently.

Delivery - Local or out of state we have a delivery option for you. 

Install - We can provide the best installation options for your one of a kind custom vanity, table or bar top.


Live Edge & Dimensional Wood Sales - We offer both live edge slabs and dimensional wood sales carrying both domestic and exotic woods from Costa Rica



Wood-Mizer LT40   

Sawing: $150 first hour 

$125 each hour after 

Metal Damage: $50 per blade 

Lucas Mill DSM 23 (20' x 76")

Minimum: $250

Sawing: $185 per hour

Metal Damage: $150 per chain

Click here to help estimate the board footage of your log.


Kiln Drying Lumber

$100.00 minimum 

$0.75 per board foot


Millwork and Design

Slab Surfacing up to 80'' wide 


Thickness Planer up to 24'' wide

$50 minimum $100/hr

Dual Drum Sander up to 50" wide 

$50 minimum $100/hr

CNC & Laser Engraving 

Custom Design and Renderings 

Please contact us for questions, pricing, and designs on custom builds. 


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Sawmill | Log Hauling | Kiln Drying | Millwork/Design | Live Edge/Dimensional Lumber

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Our Sawmills  

The WoodMizer LT40 can cutting logs 26'' x 17' (pictured left) is our stationary sawmill where you can drop the logs off in our North Log yard and we're able to mill your logs into dimensional or slab wood.  

The Lucas Mill DSM23 cutting logs 76'' x 20' (pictured right) is portable, and we bring the mill to you. This mill us used for those oversize logs dropped in your yard that are just to big for you to move and requires a foot print of 20' x 10' at the smallest to set up around.

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